17 June 2010

Classic Toy - Downfall - Milton Bradley Vintage Toy

Downfall MB Games
Ah… Downfall. Despite never owning this I spent many an hour playing it against my cousin. He would usually beat me too - but I always kept coming back for more.

That was the beauty of this vintage game - it was simple, yet fun to play and very addictive.

You had 5 red discs, your opponent had five yellow discs (or vice versa - and the yellow discs were green in some versions of the game), with the object of the game being to move all of your discs from the top of the wall into the tray at the bottom before your opponent did.

Downfall by MB Games
Each of you had cogs to turn on your side of the wall which had slots for the counters to drop into. But this is where it got interesting.

Both sides of the wall had the same turnable cogs, but the little slots that the discs fell into were in different places, so you never knew if by lining up your slots from one cog to another, you were actually helping your opponent!

Sneaky and clever eh?

All in all it was pretty good and solid fun. You could even this classic toy more challenging...

Each disc was numbered from 1 to 5, so for real downfall genious you could try to bring your discs down to the bottom tray in numerical order. If you failed you would have to place your out of order pieces back in the top slot again before trying to bring them back down.

Needless to say I never managed to do this - although I did get three pieces in order one time.

Funnily enough whenever my cousin beat me he always shouted 'Connect Four!' - a fact I remind him of to this day. It makes me feel less bad about losing most of the time anyway...

Downfall is still going strong today - so it must have something about it.

Downfall today

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