15 June 2010

Classic Toy - Star Bird - Milton Bradley MB

Star Bird
Ahh the good old Star Bird.

I never ever had one of these - no matter how much I begged my parents for one!

I suppose it was quite expensive back in the day (£19.95) so I can't really blame them!

This classic toy is a classic of 1970s toy design.

The most remarkable thing about Star Bird was its size. Forget running around your living room with a Dinky toy in your hand, this behemoth was a chunky piece of futuristic toy technology.

Star Bird by Milton Bradly (MB)

Once you put the thing together and stuck on every last space-age sticker the Star Bird was actually over 12 inches in length. That's right - enough to satisfy your space-tastic toy needs.

Despite never owning one of these vintage toys, I did get to play with one as Pete down the road had one - complete with the base and landing pad (sold seperately)!

Despite it's size and overall cool looks, the thing about Star Bird was that inside it somewhere was a motion-sensor which could tell whether or not the ship was diving (as in you were pointing it downards) or climbing (you were pointing it upwards) and generate either the climbing or diving sound effect. Truly amazing stuff back then. Boys and their toys eh?

Oh - and it had the obligatory front flashing and zapping lazer cannons too.

A truly classic toy that has become a vintage collectors item more recently...

TV ad for the classic Star Bird from MB...

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