6 July 2010

Classic Toy - Tank Command - Vintage Classic Toy

Tank Command
This is perhaps a lesser known 'board game' that was released in 1975. Nevertheless I thought this was the ultimate in military strategy and glory way back when.

The game was for two players and the creators Ideal told you to 'Command Your Own Tank Force in This Strategic Battle Action Game.'

Before the likes of Battlezone or 3D Tank Duel - this was the ultimate in boys 'n their toys armoured blasting minefield action!

Tank Command In Its Box
The box itself was enough to get you into full scale General Patton mode - and the instructions laid it out for you:

'For Two Players Who Have the Courage and Military Genius,to Hit and Destroy the Enemy.
Enemy Tanks Have Been Spotted. As Tank Commander,You Have Four Tanks and Ten Shells With Varied Explosive Power at Your Command... But So Does the Enemy.... '

The objective of the game was to destroy all four enemy tanks before your own were wiped out.

Tanks were destroyed by firing over artillery (you got 10 shells each to hide in your bunker) and forcing the tank(s) into a minefield area. A tank could be 'flipped' over by pulling a toggle string which forced a plastic piece to pop up through the battlefield base, forcing the vehicle out of the game. Your imagination added in the explosion, flames and dust cloud!

There were a lot of pieces to the game (tanks, shells, battlefield board etc) and once you got bored with it the tanks made a great addition to your toy soldier collection, making this a multi-use toy! ;-)

All in all Tank Command was a great board game back in the day and good condition examples with all the pieces are worth quite a lot of money now.

Ready, aim, fire!

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